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Who are we?

Nevil Chiles:

Nevil Chiles was born in Birmingham in 1970. He attended Haybridge High School in Hagley in the West Midlands, successfully completing 11 'O' Levels and 4 'A' Levels before leaving school in 1988.

After a year in Australia Nevil attended King's College, London where he read History, graduating in 1992. In the mid 1990s Nevil worked and travelled extensively throughout South East Asia and Australia before becoming involved in education. Nevil worked as a private GCSE tutor to an influential family in Manila in the Philippines before returning to London to take up a full time post in the GCSE Department at Collingham School, Kensington in 1997.

At Collingham Nevil taught History and English at both GCSE and A Level. In 2002 Nevil left Collingham to set up Kensington & Chelsea Tutors Limited.

Dr. Anna Clark:

Anna Clark was born in Stourbridge in 1972. After leaving Mander Portman Woodward (MPW) in Birmingham in 1991 with 4 'A' Levels she went on to the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine to study Medicine. She qualified as a doctor in 1999 and became a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners in 2001. Despite her involvement in Kensington & Chelsea Tutors she continues to work as a GP.

About Kensington & Chelsea Tutors

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Kensington & Chelsea Tutors' mission was, and is, to provide an excellent personal service above and beyond the basic supply of tutors. The aim is to be much more than just an agency. With our experience we are well positioned to provide guidance and advice pertaining to a wide spectrum of academic levels and disciplines. We actively encourage our clients to communicate with us regarding their wants and needs. Over the years we have helped people with an extremely diverse array of subjects, spanning a broad age range from the very young to those for whom school is a distant memory!

Service has always been our driving force. We want our clients to tell their friends about our quality of service. The growth of the company has been steady since 2002. As a business, turnover and profit are clearly important. However, we have always been aware that a marked increase in the volume of tuition we supply can have a detrimental effect on the quality of service received by any individual client. Making sure that we maintain an extremely high level of service is our number one priority.

We can draw from over 3000 tutors covering more than 70 subjects

In order to ensure that we consistently provide top quality tutors we are constantly interviewing potential candidates to make sure that we have an excellent portfolio of staff. At any time we can draw from over 3000 tutors covering more than 70 subjects. Our database of tutors is growing by between 20 and 40 new tutors per month. All the tutors we use are interviewed and vetted by Kensington & Chelsea Tutors Limited; we do not use tutors unless we have met them personally. Only in this way can we be sure that our levels of service remain consistently high.

Our clients are from very diverse backgrounds. We are expert in helping clients with out-of-the-ordinary needs. This may be foreign nationals requiring help for their children whilst in the UK, particularly diplomats and business people. Or perhaps students who are currently out of school. These might be long or short term assignments. We also provide tutors who travel abroad with families to be a constant support both academically and emotionally.

Through a close relationship with our clients Kensington & Chelsea Tutors aims to provide advice, support, peace of mind and ultimately results.

How does Kensington & Chelsea Tutors work?

Our first client contact is either via a telephone call or an email. We are equally happy with both, but it is often easier to establish individual requirements by way of a chat on the telephone.

From this initial communication we will establish certain key facts:

  • The client's address and contact details
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  • The subject matter and requirements
  • The Examination Board (if relevant)
  • The location of the lessons (generally the student's home)
  • The time(s) / day(s) when the client would like the lessons to take place
  • If the client requires an immediate start

Once we have this information we can begin to source the tutor we feel will be best suited to each individual client. This will often mean drawing up a shortlist of potential candidates who we feel to be suitable. We can then discuss with the client to arrive at the tutor who best fits the bill.

Invariably the tutor we select is successful and a profitable working relationship develops between tutor and tutee. However, sometimes the tutor we put forward proves to be unsuitable to the client. It is in these rare circumstances that our ethos of service comes into its own. We will not rest until the customer is satisfied. A tutor who to one family is, "Superb, the best we've ever had." to others might be somebody who, "Doesn't quite click." with the student.

Each student is unique... this is the beauty of having a private tutor.

Each student is unique. It is impossible to generalise about requirements. Sometimes it will be relevant to draw up a detailed study programme to help a student organise themselves and in other circumstances the student may just require ongoing support with their studies and homework. This is the beauty of having a private tutor. Individuals receive exactly the targeted help they need. They are not lost in the crowd.

Once we have made all the arrangements both with the client and with the student the first lesson will take place. After the first session (usually the following day) we will have a conversation with the tutor and the client. Any issues or problems no matter how small will be dealt with. We make it clear that even though things initially seem to be working well, if the client has any future concerns or need for advice they must feel free to call us at any time.

A monthly invoice is issued to all clients. Generally, bills are based on an hourly rate and are all inclusive. However, under some circumstances, such as a student living relatively far outside central London, we may have to charge an additional cost for the tutor's travel. If extra materials are required to facilitate the tutoring process, this will be discussed on an individual basis.

Why use us?

At Kensington & Chelsea Tutors we pride ourselves on service and communication. More than this, we have a wealth of experience within the realm of education. Having up-to-date knowledge is crucial. GCSE and 'A' Level qualifications are constantly changing. Understanding the Examination Board system and the nuances of individual syllabuses or specifications is essential to understanding specific student needs.

Demand for places at the more renowned Schools in central London has become increasingly competitive over recent years. Understanding how this system works and what individual school requirements are can give an applicant an edge over those less prepared.

If the two key players do not enjoy each other's company we will find an immediate replacement.

Aside from obvious academic and legal requirements we are acutely aware that the relationship between a tutor and tutee is a very personal one. At Kensington & Chelsea Tutors we strive to provide tutors who are not only well qualified and vetted but who are also friendly and personable. If the two key players do not enjoy each other's company we will find an immediate replacement.

Company Policy and Terms & Conditions

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