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Who are we?

Nevil Chiles:

Nevil Chiles was born in Birmingham in 1970. He attended Haybridge High School in Hagley in the West Midlands, successfully completing 11 'O' Levels and 4 'A' Levels before leaving school in 1988.

After a year in Australia Nevil attended King's College, London where he read History, graduating in 1992. In the mid 1990s Nevil worked and travelled extensively throughout South East Asia and Australia before becoming involved in education. Nevil worked as a private GCSE tutor to an influential family in Manila in the Philippines before returning to London to take up a full time post in the GCSE Department at Collingham School, Kensington in 1997.

At Collingham Nevil taught History and English at both GCSE and A Level. In 2002 Nevil left Collingham to set up Kensington & Chelsea Tutors Limited.

Dr. Anna Clark:

Anna Clark was born in Stourbridge in 1972. After leaving Mander Portman Woodward (MPW) in Birmingham in 1991 with 4 'A' Levels she went on to the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine to study Medicine. She qualified as a doctor in 1999 and became a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners in 2001. Despite her involvement in Kensington & Chelsea Tutors she continues to work as a GP.

Professionalism and client expectation challenges

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Yesterday was a challenging day.

One of our Tutors arrived for his first lesson with a new student to find he had to pay for parking. With London so well serviced by public transport it is rare for our Tutors to drive to their tutees. The Tutor in question has many years of experience with both GCSE and A Level and has been an Examiner for both English and History for OCR, AQA and Edexcel.

However, the Tutor was less than polite to the client, being upset at the parking situation. Unfortunately, under these circumstances, the interests and welfare of the client and / or the tutee are paramount. Although the situation was soon smoothed over, we have taken the view that this is not an auspicious start and so we have engaged a new, suitably experienced Tutor.

This is where our fifteen years of experience come to the fore and the importance of using a thorough, professional Tutoring Agency is obvious.

All our clients have unique wants and needs and we treat each and every one as if they are our first. A strong personal relationship between Tutor and student is key. Only with this vital foundation in place can the academics flourish.

However trivial yesterday’s situation may seem, it begins the Tutor / Student relationship on the wrong footing and does not represent Kensington & Chelsea Tutors in a manner that we can be proud of. Even though both we in the office and the Tutor were suitably apologetic it is simply not the right start to the student’s tutoring experience. Fortunately, the enormous depth of our London based Tutor portfolio means we always have excellent Tutors to choose from for each new student, no matter what the subject.

We have learned from yesterday’s experience and will endeavour to make sure there is no reoccurrence.

Like in life, we are always learning. No matter how much experience we already have.

Nevil Chiles - Managing Director.